Sunday, June 20, 2010


Currently, SecondDegreeBurn's goals are to provide are stable easy method of creating 2.5D SunBurn powered games. Here is a detailed list of what is likely to be included.
  • Fire and forget property animation - allows you to easily time and program animations in object space.
  • Physics Integration - 2D games will feature Farseer Physics 3.0.
  • The ability to easily combine normal animation with physics based animation. 
  • Documentation and examples.
  • Scripting - create scripts and run your game without recompiling.
  • SunBurn integration - harness the power of SunBurn for your game.
  • Animated sprites - easily setup frame based animation with sprite sheets.
  • Key frame animation - easily setup complex paths for objects to follow.
  • XML based loading and saving.
  • Editors - one editor combines everything into a productive workhorse
    • Collision shapes - define, decompose, fine-tune.
    • Entities - combine sprites, collision shapes, scripts, and more.
    • Levels - easily place entities, triggers, and more.

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